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Assemble a Team

Everyone Has a Role in Food Safety

A circle showing how all team members work together in the interest of food safety. In the center of the circle are the children who benefit.

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ItemWhat is a Food-Safe School?
A food-safe school takes the steps to minimize the risk of foodborne illness throughout the school’s environment and has procedures in place to identify and manage outbreaks if they occur.

ItemWho Has a Role in Creating a Food-Safe School?
No one person can ensure that the school is food-safe. Everyone interested in the health and safety of students has an important role. School administrators, the food-safe school team leader, school foodservice staff. school nurses, teachers, families and students, local health department staff, and the local cooperative extension play special roles in making a school foodsafe.

ItemWhat is the Food-Safe Schools Action Guide?
The Food-Safe Schools Action Guide provides a one-stop resource for preventing foodborne illness. Brought to you by CDC and its partners in the National Coalition for Food-Safe Schools, the Action Guide can help schools identify gaps in food safety and develop an action plan for becoming foodsafe.


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