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Take School-Wide Action

Tools for Team Members

Below, please find team member Action Sheets and team member In-Depth Modules. These printable tools are for public use. The Action Sheets define the responsibilities of each Food-Safe School team member and outline opportunities each member has to work towards the goal of a Food-Safe School. Each Action Sheet is available for download in PDF format by clicking the associated graphic. The In-Depth Modules provide detailed, cutting-edge guidance for these key audiences. Each In-Depth Module is available in Word format by clicking on the associated graphic.

Audience Action Sheets (PDF) In-depth Modules (Word)
Administrator Hero
Thumbnail of the Administrator's Action Sheet
Administrator In-depth Module
Team Leader
Team Leader Hero
Thumbnail of the Team Leader Action Sheet Team Leader In-depth Module
School Nurse
School Nurse Hero
Thumbnail of the School Nurse Action Sheet School Nurse In-depth Module
Health Dept. OfficialHealth Department Official Hero Thumbnail of the Local Health Dept. Action Sheet Health Dept. Official In-depth Module
School Foodservice Professional
School Foodservice Hero
Thumbnail of the School Foodservice Professional Action Sheet School Foodservice In-depth Module
Teacher Hero
Thumbnail of the Teachers Action Sheet Teacher In-depth Module
Cooperative Extension Professional
Cooperative Extension Hero
Thumbnail of the Cooperative Extenion Services Action Sheet Cooperative Extension In-depth Module
Families Hero
Thumbnail of the Families Action Sheet Family In-depth Module
Student Hero
Thumbnail of the Students Action Sheet Student In-depth Module


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