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Integrate Food Safety Interactive Activities Into Your Curriculum!!
  All students can relate to food! Anywhere there is food, there could be risks of foodborne illness if proper practices are not learned and practiced. Teaching safe food handling practices to children at an early age has short- and long-term health benefits. Whether you are teaching Science, Health, Family and Consumer Science, Math, or Social Studies... take a closer look at the following lesson plans that include National Health Education Standards.

The Food Safety Interactive Activities/Lesson Plans are a component of the RI Food Safety Partnership Food-Safe School program, a collaboration between Kids First, RI Healthy Schools! Healthy Kids! (Joint initiative of the RI Departments of Education and Health Coordinated School Health Program), and the University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension. Bridge Communications is our specialty partner for the food safety interactive activities. The project is funded with a multi-year grant from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Bridge Communications, a Michigan based company, headed by Alice R. McCarthy, Ph.D partnered with Kids First to create the interactive activities/lesson plans. The lesson plans are available on the Kids First website and are a component of the CDC Food-Safe School Action Guide.

Dr. McCarthy is a nationally known civic leader, educator, and writer. She completed research related to parent and teacher satisfaction in a national health curriculum, Health ‘n Me, in 2000-2001. Dr. McCarthy reviewed food safety curricula from the National Agricultural Library, Michigan Department of Education, the University of Rhode Island, and the CDC to determine which materials were to be used in the interactive activities. The interactive activities were pilot tested in RI and NH schools by Kids First.

  Thank you and special recognition to the following individuals for the development, evaluation, and reproduction of the RI Food Safety Interactive Activities:  

  Alice McCarthy, Ph.D. President - Bridge Communications
  Jessica Williams, Chef and Nutritionist - Kids First
  Elizabeth Bugden, RI School Food Safety Specialist - Kids First
  Laureen Motloch, Assistant to President - Bridge Communications
  Midge Sabatini, - RI Department of Education
  The Teachers and Students in RI and NH Schools who pilot tested the lessons!

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