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Middle School Food Safety Lessons

Lesson 1 The 4Cs ofUSDA Scientists Food Safety Pre/Post Test
Administer before and after lessons are taught  
1. what are the 4Cs of food safety?

a. Cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, and chilling
b. Cooking, chilling, vacuuming, and washing hands
c. Cooking, cleaning, combating cross contamination, and
washing hands
d. Cooking, chilling, cleaning, and combating cross

2. How many people in the United States are infected with a foodborne illness each year?

a. 70 million
b. 10 million
c. 76 million
d. 35 million

3. Whose responsibility is it to control the spread of bacteria?

a. The farmer
b. The food processor
c. The person who transports the food
d. Markets and restaurants
e. All of the above

4. It is your responsibility at home to prevent the growth of bacteria?

a. True
b. False

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