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  Lesson 1
     Pre/Post Test
  Lesson 1A Laboratory
     Pre/Post Test
     Lab Outline
     Data Table
  Lesson 1B Laboratory
     Pre/Post Test
     Data Table
  Lesson 2
     Pre/Post Test
     Case Sheet
     Updates &    Clues
     5 "Ws" and    the "How"
     Scientist Tools
  Lesson 3
     Pre/Post Test
     5 of the Most    Wanted
  Lesson 4
     Pre/Post Test
     Web Quest 
     Points of    Controversy
  Lesson 5
     Pre/Post Test
     Role Play
     Regulations &    Inspectors 
  Teacher Evaluation

High School Food Safety Lessons

Lesson 5 Food Safety in Retail Food Services
Pre/Post Test
Administer before and after lessons are taught
1. What are the 4 C’s at Food Safety?


2. It is mandatory for retail food services to practice the 4 C’s of Food Safety?

a. True
b. False

3. Is Food Safety in your hands? Why or Why not?
4. What does HACCP stand for and what is the TDZ?


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