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Elementary School Food Safety Lessons

Lesson 1 Bacteria on the Run BAC Phooey

National Health Education Standards
(grades 1-4) 1:1; 3:1; 3:3  

Time: 30 minutes
Teacher note
This lesson is discrete and can be taught as a single lesson or in conjunction with others in this series. The Teacher Resources include pre-and post-tests for this lesson; these may be used at the teacher's discretion. The lesson includes four activities.
Student Learning Objectives
  1. Students will learn that some bacteria in foods can cause illness.
  2. Students will learn that they should wash their hands to fight bacteria (Clean).
  3. Students will learn that when storing foods they should SEPARATE foods to avoid Cross-Contamination.
  4. Students will learn that bacteria can be destroyed by Cooking.
  5. Students will learn that bacteria can multiply if cold foods become warm. They will learn the principle of Chill.
Required Materials
  • Fight Bac™ Curriculum: Complete Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Introductory Kit. "He's BAC: A Children's Guide to Keeping Food Safe," Activity Guides K-3rd grade. Smart Kids Fight BAC™ video. Order from the University of Georgia Extension Service, Also available: K-1st grade Activity Booklets, 2nd-3rd grade Activity Booklets, He's BAC Storybooks.
  • Teacher note: The video can be used with fourth graders. It uses cartoon characters, so all ages will identify will with the characters.

  • USDA Fight Bac™ poster may be obtained through USDA or Kids First, (401) 751-4503 (phone), (401) 421-0248 (fax),
  • Order the Fight BAC™ Curriculum: Complete Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Introductory Kit.
  • Ask that a video tape recorder and TV monitor be set up in your room.
  • Order packets of activity books and He's BAC storybooks, if you believe these materials can bring emphasis to the video and discussions.
  • Personalize and then duplicate the enclosed Family Letter to send home with students at the end of this lesson. Family letter should only be duplicated if lesson is being taught as a unit.
*Permission has been granted in advance for the reproduction of these print materials in their entirety.
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