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  Kids First is a non-profit community based organization in Rhode Island since 1992. The organization incorporated in 1998 and obtained non-profit (501(C) 3) status. The mission of Kids First has been “Safeguarding the Nutritional well-being of Rhode Island’s children.”

Kids First, a public/private partnership, has committed to improve the health and enhance the educational preparedness of children in Rhode Island. Kids First professionals use hands-on, activity based programs in classrooms, at parent and teacher professional development sessions, and at after school programs to promote healthier and safe eating and physical activity habits. The partnership included the establishment of the Rhode Island Team Nutrition Training Institute at Kids First with support from USDA and the Rhode Island Department of Education.

In 2004, the mission has been updated to reflect an expanding role: “We guide communities to improve the nutritional and physical wellbeing of children.” Kids First links with other organizations working to improve nutrition, physical activity and food safety for children. Kids First efforts are entwined in all 36 RI school districts and are now reaching communities across the Northeast.

The Food Safety Interactive Activities are a component of the RI Food Safety Partnership Food-Safe School program, a collaboration between Kids First, RI Healthy Schools! Healthy Kids! (Joint initiative of the RI Departments of Education and Health Coordinated School Health Program), and the University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension. Bridge Communications is the specialty partner for the food safety interactive activities. The project is funded with a multi-year grant from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To learn more about Kids First and/or the Food-Safe School Program contact:

  Dorothy Brayley
Kids First, Executive Director
(401) 751-4503


Elizabeth Bugden
RI School Food Safety Specialist
(401) 751-4503

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